Further information on Mesh Partitions

Mesh partitions are an excellent way of securing a space while having a full view of the area. Certain areas require high visibility, such as a factory or warehouse that uses heavy machinery, or a storage area. Our anti-collapse panels offer increased safety when handling pallets or palletised goods; constructed from heavy duty cold rolled angle framework, the mesh sheets are spot welded to the frame, adding extra strength and resistance. The mesh panel is attached to a pellet racking system, preventing heavy goods from falling and getting damaged or injuring staff. This is a simple and affordable way of preventing accidents in the workplace. The mesh partitions offer unrestricted ventilation, allowing air and light to pass through. While our standard panel is 1220mm high, we can manufacture individual panels to fit your specific needs. The panels are powder coated, either matching or contrasting with your racking system.

The partitions can be used to create a security cage for storage of high value products; an effective method of allowing access only to certain personnel and reducing the likelihood of theft. This is particularly suitable for businesses that use expensive machinery or keep an inventory of valuable stock on site.

At steelpartitions.com we offer top quality, heavy duty mesh partitions at an extremely affordable price. Feel free to contact us for any help and advice regarding ordering your mesh partitions. If you aren't sure of the material quantity needed for your order, with approximate measurements we will be happy to work it out for you.