Why consider Steel Partitions?

In an open-plan area, steel partitioning can be used to create a series of self-contained offices or work spaces. This is perfect in a work situation that features a combination of production and administrative staff, such as a warehouse or factory. In a storage or machinery area, our solid steel panels would be ideal, completely enclosing the space, offering both safety and security. Solid steel panels are suitable for storing hazardous or high value goods. When creating an office area, glazed steel partitions will give you the privacy that you need, while not making you feel completely isolated from the other staff. It is also useful in situations where you need to supervise the workforce.

Our steel partitions will improve the look of your workspace, creating a pleasing work environment which in turn can lead to increased productivity. The panels are electrostatically powder coated in standard light grey, mid grey, sandstone or stone colours. Special orders are available at an extra charge. We offer a selection of steel or timber doors; side hung, double or sliding doors, available with or without vision panels. In an area where effective sound insulation is required, double skin steel partitions are ideal. Acoustic mid-glazed panels and double glazing will create a fully sound proof room. This is perfect for an office area in the middle of a noisy factory or warehouse. Our single skin steel panels are simply bolted together, whereas the double skin panels slot together inside a 'H' post; both are extremely quick and easy to install. Both the single and double partitions are offered in a variety of options including all steel, all mesh, half solid/half mesh, half solid/half glass, mid glazed mesh and top glazed mesh.

Being virtually indestructible, steel partitions can stand up to an industrial setting. They are resistant to corrosion and rot, unlike traditional lumber framing. This is of particular benefit in an area that is exposed to moisture. Keeping your steel partitions in tip top condition requires nothing more than a wipe down with a gentle cloth and warm, soapy water, making them a low maintenance choice for your business. Being extremely hygienic, they are perfect for a food storage area. For the environmentally conscious, it should be noted that steel is 100% recyclable, with as much as 50% of new steel manufactured from previously used products.